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Darci Swenson DVMDarci Swenson DVM, RBT graduated from Veterinary School in 1994. While practicing veterinary medicine for twelve years she has always had a strong interest in pain management and complementary medicine therapies for animals. This interest led her to find Bowen Therapy for animals. After witnessing the amazing results, she decided to pursue extensive training with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia for Bowenwork® accreditation. Darci discovered that she had a true passion and talent for being a Bowen therapist. She is now an accredited Professional Bowenwork Practitioner and is currently registered with both the BTAA (Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia) and the BAUSA (Bowenwork Academy USA). She is also a certified Touch Balancing Animal Bowen therapist. She has now devoted her career to performing Bowen Therapy on people and on animals and being able to help them heal. In her spare time, Darci enjoys family time with her husband, three young boys and their potpourri of pet animals.

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